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Music question froma total ignoramus by captaineclectic

There seems to be a sense -- and I don't know if it's from this board or from Facebook or from the internet as a whole -- that Mumford and Sons is kind of an uncool or faux indie/hipster band.

There also seems to be a sense that Of Monsters and Men is pretty freaking sweet.

To me these bands seem ... not dissimilar.

Can anyone provide me a simple explanation of the difference, and, as a side assignment, explain where Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Florence and the Machine fall on this spectrum?

Please feel free to ridicule these questions, which I realize probably sound a little like "If Spielberg is so great, why don't people like Brian de Palma" or, in my more familiar idiom, "Why do people think Frank Miller is a good penciler when all his people look like shit? Isn't it important to be able to draw people?"