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Those CE and Art History degrees are finally paying off by Therockkilledme

I accepted a new position as the regional manager for the Northeast with House Spirits. How did 5 years at ND get me to this point? Hopefully by making me smart and thoughtful, but in this case, the company is partly owned by Joe Montana and his visit to Philly put me in front of their CEO.

If you live in the 21 states from NC to Maine and west to Minnesota, I'm coming to a bar near you with Aviation gin in 2013.

Thanks to all in the BR who have been so kind to me in my long journey to get a serious job. If you are in Miami, hopefully I can buy you a drink.

For those interested enough to still be reading, House Spirits is a craft distillery out of Portland Oregon. Their flagship is Aviation gin which is a floral/citrus heavy gin in the New Western Dry style made for the Aviation cocktail.

Cheers and Go Irish!