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Putting your ass in the chair. by Revue Party

Writing fiction is easy. Sit down. Type. About 85,000 - 100,000 words later, you'll have a story.

Writing good fiction? Well, that's different. Three simple rules.

1. Write. And write. And write. Shoot for 100,000 words in six months. How hard is that? It's a half and hour a day. Talking about writing isn't writing. Learning about writing isn't writing. Rewriting is writing, though.

2. Read. And read. And read. You can't get better if you don't read. So read some more. Especially your genre. Study it. Understand it. Read some more.

3. Critique. This is the silver bullet to creating a short cut. The sooner you have someone who understands the craft of writing critique your work, the faster you'll get better.

But writing fiction isn't hard. You just fucking do it. Go write 1,000 words, now. It'll take you an hour. It doesn't matter if it sucks.