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Yes. You sound like a sophomore sociology major. by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy

Who watches a lot of Oprah. For two centuries we were a nation of people imbued with the Protestant work ethic and rugged individualism -- and lots of guns -- and we didn't find ourselves "alone in a sea of self-determining, self-actualizers," and we didn't shoot up theaters and schools. (And even leaving aside the question of what's so wrong with 'self-actualizing,' that kind of prose would get a C from me if I were teaching a sophomore sociology class.)

The reason why we didn't do those things then wasn't that we had "social networks." It was because we had families and we had God. Now we regard both of those as disposable at best and just uncool at worst. But God is not an ideology, and you can't replace him with talk therapy. God is real, and when we forget Him we do things like this.