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RIP by SneakyPete

I used to live across the hall from him my sophomore year. I played guitar and had a small amplifier that I used in the room from time to time. Of course, it was always too loud and he'd bang on the door to tell me to turn it down.

From time to time we'd talk about what equipment to use during mass and one night he talked to me about what to use for vocals (I think he'd hit the sacramental wine a bit). We hooked a mic up the my tiny amplifier and he was like a little kid with a toy. He put it in the middle of the hallway and as soon as he heard his voice go through the amplifier, his face just lit up. It was right around the 1989 president election and he started talking into the mic "Men of Cavanaugh! Vote for Bush! Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush...."

I kept a straight face and didn't want to tell him that I bet the men of Cavanaugh would probably vote for bush any night of the week.