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How big of a project is it to replace a kitchen sink? by LondonDomer

It seems like it should be fairly straightforward, but I am definitely not a plumber. Basically, right now we have a double basin sink like this, however, one big difference is our dishwasher drains into the sink drain through kind of an overflow valve thing where the soap dispenser is:

The right side is a disposal, the left side is just a normal drain. We'd like to go to a single-basin so we can fit larger items more easily. Like this (this one is actually the same dimensions as the above one):

How big of an undertaking is this? I think the one we have is cast-iron, so I'm sure it weights a lot. I'd like to keep the disposal, but have no idea what it would take to relocate it from the right side. And this thing I said above about the dishwasher draining through a valve thing on top of the sink - I don't know how to better describe it, but when the dishwasher runs, it pumps the water out via that valve thing that is on top of the sink. Not sure how to deal with that either.