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I could really use some video capturing/editing advice. by ndtiger

This is for work, and I'll preface this by saying I work for a library, so my budget is very small.

Ok, I am apparently the Library's videographer on top of my actual job, and there's a growing list of YouTube videos we want to make. Little snippets of our services, highlights of our collection, etc. Right now I am not pleased with the quality of our videos, which I attribute to old cameras (Canon Vixia HV30). I went so far as to film our latest video with my wife's GSIII.

To exacerbate the situation, my software editing choices are Adobe Premiere CS5, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia 7 or iMovie HD 6 (running on my OS X 10.6 Mac). I hate Macs, but the Canon will only import on the Mac. It takes me hours of praying and cursing to import on iMovie, then I take my mp4s and go work in Movie Maker. Nothing plays well with anything else, and it's a giant cluster to work with 10 minutes of damn video.

So in realizing I need new 1080p cameras, I've also realized that I need to think about my software before I buy. Can anyone give me guidance on a camera/software combo that I can rely on for simple 1080p YouTube videos? Let's pretend I could get $1,000 to spend, and ideally I'd love two cameras so I could do some different angles.