Nice guy too.
by DillonFightSong (2013-03-14 13:53:48)
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  In reply to: Abdelkader's a tough guy, Torts would love him.  posted by captaineclectic

I was sitting next to the Wings' penalty box in Columbus on Saturday. Abdelkader took 2 minutes for diving (it looked like he was trying out for the Italian national soccer team) and wound up sitting next to me.

I heckled him for a bit about the dive. Nothing noteworthy like my encounters with Malkin, Downey, or Montador. Abdelkaer just kept drinking his water and spitting it on the pick freezer.

My friend didn't yell. He just said, "C'mon! Quit spitting on the puck freezer! Ron (the guy in the box) has to handle that." So Abdelkader grabbed a towel, wiped the spit off the freezer and smiled. We quit heckling after that.


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