I'm no cap scientist
by fmd (2013-03-13 11:29:54)
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  In reply to: Seems like he's spending his way to mediocrity.  posted by Beer30Light

But I read somewhere that Bushrod's cap # this year is 3M. Only 2M of Bennett's contract is guaranteed, so if he's a bust it doesn't seem like there's much preventing them from cutting that contract short.

The pending FA issue is certainly the question for now. Of that list I'd say Cutler, Melton, Tillman, and Jennings are necessary re-signs (although if Jennings has another big year he'll probably price himself out). If Webb has a good year at RT, I'd put him in the Wotton column of a nice to have re-sign. Depending on the draft and any other low level signings, Garza probably expendable and Gould an unfortunate victim of cap math even though he's a quality kicker.

Imagine they let Hester and Wright walk without much thought about it.

I believe Marshall due an extension soon, too.

All in all, you're right in questioning what the plan is here but there's so many moving parts that it's hard to see the forest through the trees at this point. As Bears fans, we just have to give Emery the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. In a vacuum, Bushrod and Bennett are solid upgrades at positions of need and if it turns out the Bears can still keep other key players it's clearly understandble why they would do such a thing on the first day of FA (even though it's the day where the most egregious contracts are handed out).


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