I'd vote for 3/25 or 3/26 if it must be that week
by fmd (2013-03-11 12:31:28)
Edited on 2013-03-11 12:32:29
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  In reply to: There was discussion of 3/21  posted by brewcitydomer

Know the tournament is that weekend, so no one will want to do thurs-sat or sunday 3/17. Season looks to start on the 31st.

I'd also be open to the week prior, but know people want to put it as close to the season as possible for injury/last minute roster change reasons. But 3/21 would be my vote if that's what others prefer as an alternate date.

Regardless, looks like I'll be on island here. As long as the first few rounds go quick, I'll at least settle a good base for my team before the auto-drafter has its way with me.


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