Facility comparisons, as requested by FT
by El Kabong (2014-02-20 09:00:27)
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For purposes of comparison, the building in which ND's proposed (but not yet planned or scheduled) practice facility would be build is listed somewhere between 60k and 77k square feet. No dollar amount has been associated with the project, and no funds have yet been raised.

BC: Please

CLEMSON: Under construction, $26.5m, size not provided (note: already had $8m facility built in 2003)

DUKE: 2008, $15.2m, 56k s/f

FLORIDA STATE: 2002, $10m, 40k s/f

GEORGIA TECH: 2009, $8.5m, 20k s/f

LOUISVILLE: 2007, $15.2m, 60k s/f (shares with WVB and WLax, no mention of W-hoops)

MIAMI: Webpage unclear, might be part of BankUnited Center

NORTH CAROLINA: Incorporated into Smith Center, no specific size given

NC STATE: Dail Center, no specific size given

PITTSBURGH: Incorporated into Petersen Events Center, no specific size given

SYRACUSE: 2009, $19m, 54k s/f

VIRGINIA: Incorporated into JPJ Arena, no specific size given

VIRGINIA TECH: 2009, $21m, 49k s/f

WAKE FOREST: 2001, 50k s/f

Compared to other top or comparable hoops programs:

MARQUETTE: Part of Al McGuire Center, 2008, no specific size given

VILLANOVA: 2007, $18.5m, 55k s/f (some parts public)

KENTUCKY: 2007, $30m, 102k s/f

INDIANA: 2010, est. $15m, 67k s/f

KANSAS: 2009, no details given

ARIZONA: 2008, 20k s/f

MICHIGAN STATE: 2002, $7.5m, 35k s/f (men's hoops only)

FLORIDA: 2001, $10m, 47.5 s/f


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