I would like a more restrictive promotion/relegation system.
by Shadyirish (2013-04-30 10:06:46)
Edited on 2013-04-30 10:19:04
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  In reply to: that's a fair point  posted by fontoknow

Only one team per year, the winner of the Champions League.

It keeps teams in the superleague from becoming complacent, or investor groups from buying team and slashing costs to maximize profits, and generates some interest at the bottom of the table. At the same time, it makes promotion much more of a challenge and it will be much less of a sure thing for some multi-billionaire to grab some third league team and buy his way in to the superleague. Tournaments are fickle and frequently fail to reward the best team in any given year, but if you are highly competitive for a long spell, odds are you'll eventually win and those are the teams I'd want in a superleague.


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