It would matter less for the Big 4 leagues and France.
by Shadyirish (2013-04-30 09:24:04)
Edited on 2013-04-30 09:28:31
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  In reply to: If there is a promotion/relegation system  posted by fontoknow

Whether Liverpool or Arsenal got in could change over time, but it would still matter if the team that is in at the start is pulling in significantly more revenue and able to attract better players than the team that is out.. But for teams in smaller leagues, such as Ajax, PSV, Benfica, Porto, Olympiacos, if they don't get their slice of the superleague pie from the start, they will never catch up. They are already struggling to keep pace because they are in smaller national markets. They'd be even further down the foodchain if they weren't in the superleague. For those teams, where they start would probably determine where they'd stay.


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