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by SavageDragon (2013-04-24 10:50:36)
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  In reply to: Comparing two contemporaries' international scoring records  posted by baloo88

1) As far as impressive record:

I think the first one is hurt by having his larger multiples come against such luminaries as San Marino, Liechtenstein, and New Zealand -- as opposed to only against Guatemala. Even if we throw in Cuba and Barbados, the "stat padding" element is at most a wash, but I still would say a slight advantage to Two.

Looking at the 2's -- Belgium and Italy are at best even, but probably not even that, compared with Brazil and England. Ireland and Tunisia are probably better than Jamaica, Honduras. Again, pretty much a wash, but maybe a slight advantage to One.

So as far as best teams: Germany/Italy, Poland/Poland, SK/Japan, Slovakia/Slovenia, and maybe US/Ghana all roughly cancel. Croatia beats Turkey, but Spain beats Sweden.

Really even across the board. Maybe a slight edge to Two.

2) The second one is almost certainly Dempsey.

The first one is European, judging by the opposition, and not from Germany or Italy.
* Spain, not enough goals to be David Villa, probably too many to be others.
* England, Rooney hasn't scored versus US. Probably too many goals to be others.
* France, Zidane probably isn't quite contemporary, not enough goals to be Henry.
* Portugal, CR hasn't scored versus US.
* Netherlands, van Persie hasn't scored versus US. Too many goals to be Robben. Maybe Huntelaar?
* Belgium, all their stars are too young to have that many goals.
* Russia maybe, but I can't think of who it would be. Maybe Pavlyuchenko.
* Czech Republic, Rosicky is a possibility.
* Thinking who replaced him at Fulham, I don't think Berbatov has scored versus US.

I suppose I'll guess Huntelaar.


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