Comparing two contemporaries' international scoring records
by baloo88 (2013-04-24 06:37:10)
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The opponents against whom each player has scored are listed underneath that player. If the player has scored multiple goals against one team, the number of goals scored against that team is in parentheses. My questions to the board are:

1) Which player has the more impressive scoring record?
2) What is the name of each player?

Regarding the first question, I'd probably give the nod to player one, but it's closer than I expected.

Player One
Belgium (2)
China PR
Italy (2)
Liechtenstein (3)
New Zealand (3)
Republic of Ireland (2)
San Marino (4)
South Korea
Tunisia (2)
United States

Player 2
Antigua and Barbuda
Barbados (2)
Brazil (2)
China PR
Costa Rica
Cuba (2)
El Salvador
England (2)
Guatemala (4)
Honduras (2)
Jamaica (2)
Trinidad and Tobago

last WC, I did a similar comparison of Jozy vs McBride
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I was shouted down at the time, but I think Altidore's scoring record is more impressive considering the competition. I suppose he has played on better teams though. Call it a wash.

Dempsey has surpassed them both.

Hrm ...
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1) As far as impressive record:

I think the first one is hurt by having his larger multiples come against such luminaries as San Marino, Liechtenstein, and New Zealand -- as opposed to only against Guatemala. Even if we throw in Cuba and Barbados, the "stat padding" element is at most a wash, but I still would say a slight advantage to Two.

Looking at the 2's -- Belgium and Italy are at best even, but probably not even that, compared with Brazil and England. Ireland and Tunisia are probably better than Jamaica, Honduras. Again, pretty much a wash, but maybe a slight advantage to One.

So as far as best teams: Germany/Italy, Poland/Poland, SK/Japan, Slovakia/Slovenia, and maybe US/Ghana all roughly cancel. Croatia beats Turkey, but Spain beats Sweden.

Really even across the board. Maybe a slight edge to Two.

2) The second one is almost certainly Dempsey.

The first one is European, judging by the opposition, and not from Germany or Italy.
* Spain, not enough goals to be David Villa, probably too many to be others.
* England, Rooney hasn't scored versus US. Probably too many goals to be others.
* France, Zidane probably isn't quite contemporary, not enough goals to be Henry.
* Portugal, CR hasn't scored versus US.
* Netherlands, van Persie hasn't scored versus US. Too many goals to be Robben. Maybe Huntelaar?
* Belgium, all their stars are too young to have that many goals.
* Russia maybe, but I can't think of who it would be. Maybe Pavlyuchenko.
* Czech Republic, Rosicky is a possibility.
* Thinking who replaced him at Fulham, I don't think Berbatov has scored versus US.

I suppose I'll guess Huntelaar.

I posed the question to a friend. His incorrect answer...
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Was very interesting. He guessed Frank Lampard for Player 1. Your guess also is interesting but wrong. Scroll down for the answers, if you or anyone else wants to see it.

Player 1: Fernando Torres
Player 2: Clint Dempsey

his career trajectory is similar to Michael Owen
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Perhaps the game has passed by his style of skills. Too bad. I liked Torres that first year at Liverpool.

Didn't even think about him. *
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