"Rise and fire": Gus Johnson coming to FOX's soccer team.
by G.K.Chesterton (2013-02-05 13:36:37)
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FOX Soccer today announced that basketball announcer Gus Johnson will be the lead commentator for several high profile Premier League and Champions League matches over the next few months. Plus, Sports Illustrated have revealed that Johnson is being groomed by FOX to be the voice of FOX’s World Cup coverage for 2018 and 2022.

The former CBS Sports announcer, best known for his work as the energetic commentator for March Madness games, will call his first-ever match for FOX Soccer on Wednesday February 13 when he’ll get behind the mic for Real Madrid against Manchester United alongside co-commentator Warren Barton.

Not only that, but FOX has decided that Gus Johnson will also commentate on Arsenal vs Bayern Munich (February 19 with co-commentator Ray Clemence), Manchester City vs Chelsea (February 24 with co-commentator Lee Dixon), the FA Cup Final (May 11), Champions League Final (May 25), as well as several other Premier League matches.

“This is not something that is temporary,” Fox Sports president Eric Shanks told Sports Illustrated. “This is something we are going to work at. It isn’t an Olympic assignment where he does the luge for two weeks and then we don’t hear from that announcer for the next four years. This is something we are serious about and something we will continue to work at. Based on the radio games and the practice games Gus has done, I think this is going to work.”

This gives me an excuse to once again throw a link to

As my kids say, this will be EPIC
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Gus's head may just explode, if mine doesn't explode first while watching the Arsenal-Bayern match.

They even teased it in a promo on Saturday.
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I can't remember the exact wording, but it was something the likes of "Gusvision" or whatever. It definitely caught my attention. This might just kill him as the build ups can last longer. I feel sorry for those that don't find joy in listening to the Gusinator. Then again, we'll see how I feel if he does a Liverpool match.

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