We made a mistake joining HEA.
by SavageDragon (2014-01-04 23:10:34)
Edited on 2014-01-04 23:32:18
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Yes, I know, they went 0-9 or some shit like that on the PP, but that includes several calls that ended ND PPs, and just generally drains a team to have to grind that much. Further, the pathetic call on the major that shouldn't have been meant that the refs got to sit all intermission with JY's bitching in their heads meant that the entire rest of the game was one giant makeup call.

Jackson's a western coach, using a western power-over-finesse style predicated on strong forwards and punishing defenders. That style of play is completely illegal in the pussy no-check eastern leagues. And when you combine that with culture clash of being the only "misfit" school in the conference geographically, we won't get a fair shake in this league no matter if we play here for 100 years. (You know the old SEC/ACC comment about a football ref with a southern accent and how it bodes for ND? Yeah, the same applies for HEA chawdah refs whose universe stretches all the way from Providence to Manchester, but not an inch further)

I was pro-HEA at the time, but looking askance right now, I think we'd be much better off in the NACHO.


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