Instead of venting about playing games in dead arenas
by wearendhockey (2013-03-31 11:36:05)
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  In reply to: At least JJ is being consistent  posted by David Rivers

learn how to prepare your team to WIN games in dead arenas. Last time I checked, someone has come out of one of these West or Midwestern regionals every year and advanced to a FF. Whatever point he is trying to make, it comes across as bad form and sour grapes. The MSU coach praised Toledo and BGSU (the host school) and his team had a similar showing on the ice.

The facts are people do not want to put the time, effort or $$$ anymore in attending one of these events if it requires a little extra to do so. The Eastern half draws well because there are almost always at least two teams and sometimes three within an hour of the arenas. Both Providence and Manchester had two teams much closer then Toledo did, and another about as far away as Miami and Notre Dame were. Everyone knew going in that Toledo (and Grand Rapids as well) were going to be graveyards.

I'm not saying the system isn't in need of tweeks, or perhaps even a whole new format. But format and dead buildings are not why Notre Dame craps their breezers whenever they are the 1 seed in a region.


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