Pretty much. College teams for most females are the peak
by chezhdchick (2013-03-31 01:38:04)
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of their careers, except for the very highest performers who go on to U.S. national teams (espcially soccer and basketball who participate in the Olympics and for soccer, the Women's World Cup). Maybe there are three to five current women's players who you'll still hear about after they graduate this year. Griner, Diggins, Delle Donne and a couple others. You'll probably see them in Rio in 2016. Most others will simply graduate. Maybe play overseas, or get real jobs in the business world.

For most women, the exposure they get in college sports is the most they'll ever get. Especially now with ESPNU, and all the cable sports. You can watch women's college lacrosse, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball on cable.


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