You think Yale cares that Grand Rapids was dead?
by wearendhockey (2013-03-31 00:17:26)
Edited on 2013-03-31 00:18:52
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  In reply to: love the comments from JJ at the end of the presser  posted by irishicers

And St Cloud played in front of the same dead environment we did -- except we had 3 times as many fans and a band.

Campus sites are great, right? Well how about having to go to Yost or Cady or Conte or the NHC or the Tsongas Center based on the flawed reasoning of the pairwise system? I can imagine the howls of the conspiracy theory crowd the first time we play a 2nd round match at Mariucci and have to deal with B1G refs.

What ails this program (if indeed it was anything more than just playing a better team -- and for the record I DO believe there is more to it than just that) will not be cured by improved atmosphere or campus sites. Our crowd doesn't do enough to provide the margin of victory anyway. We've hardly proven to be a juggernaut home team in the nearly two full seasons of play at the CFIA.


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