What the shit are you talking about?!?
by Porpoiseboy (2013-03-30 17:21:42)
Edited on 2013-03-30 17:30:15
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  In reply to: For FB, I agree. Here, I think success freaked them out. All  posted by 1NDGal

We were not paralyzed with fear. We missed going up 3-0 by a few unlucky breaks. One-and-done is a terrible, terrible format for hockey, and we fell victim to it, today. Anything can happen in one game of hockey. We got down, then a bit more down, then gave up two quick goals and we were fucked. But we did not lose this game because of fear, anything to do with fear, or any type of paralysis. We certainly got outplayed, today, but that's hockey.


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