Not "culture's" fault
by oldbender (2013-03-30 16:46:33)
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I really don't think the "culture" of Notre Dame is the reason why its teams haven't fared well in post season. Mainly, because most athletes aren't a part of ND's "culture", whatever that may be In todays college sports world the average athlete doesn't interact with their fellow students much outside of the classroom. I can remember back awhile when a kid I helped get to ND on an athletic scholarship told me he was really upset with his head coach because he had no time for anything, but his sport. He was vey happy when his coach was told by the administration to "ease up" on demands of his players after practice. I doubt that would happen today. I know the basketball team lifts at six a.m. in the summer. I doubt many fo their fellow students are even up at that time. ND students say they rarly see the athletes with the biggest outside profiles around the campus. Thats one reason why Skylar Diggins has so little support among her fellow students. I think ND athletic teams has its own culture and their own bonds and friendships. I don't know hockey so I certainly can't comment on prep or strategy. Obviously, the team didn't play up to its abilities. I do know ND has higly rated talent. I did feel the prep by the football and men's basketball teams for their big games was flawed and never expected either to do well. I think Kelly has already talked about some of things he woud change. If I were Mike Brey I would do a complete 180 the next time around. But "culture" didn't cause any of the teams to lose. Better oppostition and bad performances by one and all caused the losses.


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