her point is nowhere on his resume do the words "defensive
by ACross (2013-12-12 10:18:06)
Edited on 2013-12-12 10:19:16
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  In reply to: What's that got to do with evaluating Cooks' resume?  posted by FourLeafDomer

Coordinator" appear. You should concede that the ideal candidate would have had a proven record of success at a major program or programs as a DC.

You know Kelly's got an insular approach to hiring. That's your prerogative. You and others of your kellyloving mindset value "cohesion" over excellence. You looked right last year, not so right the other 3.

I must concede that I think Cooks has more active gray matter than Diaco. And no matter whom we hire as OC, they will just hold a clipboard for Kelly.

So it may be a net neutral or even a net positive for Cooks to be named DC and for Willingham's OL coach to be named OC.

But please don't try to post with a straight face that it's perfectly normal management of a football program that avoided it's fourth 5 loss season only be engineering a bowl selection against a hapless joke of a bowl opponent.


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