Holtz would correct multiple guys after each practice rep
by Moff (2017-04-21 13:06:17)
Edited on 2017-04-21 14:02:06
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for the slightest misstep. During the first winter work outs, the assistants had guys learn how to form a proper Huddle. We wore Adidas then and if there was one guy who did not have his three Adidas stripes perfectly aligned with the next guy, they would do it again. "Adidas stripe on Adidas stripe!" If there was a fumbled snap in practice, you would see the QB and center staying a few minutes after with Lou staring at them point blank and telling them exactly what they were doing wrong. I remember we were having a team meal in Miami and Lou read from a Miami paper which said that, in 1985, Miami was calling out run or pass before every play by our offense. Turns out they watched our film and saw that on one OL had a slightly different stance on run versus pass plays.

Entire practice periods we spent working on stances and first steps. Guys were not balanced in their stances and were putting pressure on their fingers. The feet were too wide apart. The ball of one foot was not perfectly aligned with the heel of the other. The first step and freeze. You over strided. Do it again.

Many years ago now, my wife went with the woman next door to an event at Giants Stadium with former Jets players. The next door neighbors were big fans. They got to play a flag game in the field and former players ran them through a practice before hand. When they got to the RB station, one of the players asked my wife where the hellshe learned to form a proper shelf to take a hand off like that, with the proper elbow up. She said "Lou Holtz by way of my husband." I didn't want her to go inthere unprepared.


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