Amen. I remember being afraid of the creaky stairs
by Moff (2017-04-20 15:08:40)
Edited on 2017-04-20 15:09:28
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  In reply to: Real visionaries embrace history and honor it  posted by NJDoubleDomer

as a kid, and seeing the higher floors blocked off in the 70s.

And speaking of Presidents:

"I was particularly moved when I heard about Frank O’Malley’s role in saving the bricks of your administration building. Most of you know the story. The masonry was deteriorating, and some thought the time had come to replace it. Instead, Professor O’Malley reminded all who would listen, “These bricks contain the blood of everyone who helped to build Notre Dame.” (President George H. W. Bush, “Remarks at the University of Notre Dame Commencement Ceremony in South Bend, Indiana,” May 17, 1992)

I used to take it for granted that the vast majority of ND fans truly understood the place and what made it unique and great, but the Internet has helped me get over that.


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