Donation options and link
by goirish89 (click here to email the poster) (2016-12-08 11:55:15)
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You can venmo me. The id on venmo is @goirish. If you choose to do this, please put NDNation somewhere in the subject header so it can be counted as part of the group.

The other option is to send me a check. If this is what you want to do, then email me at the enclosed link and I will email you my name and address.

I will keep a strict accounting of the costs and be sure the Mr Wendall gets reimbursed first. Leftover funds will be used for further media buys. If there are left over funds, I will come to the board and we can decide where to proceed from there.

I promise to keep a close account here and be very straight with everyone on the amount raised. There will be no fishy stuff (three legged dog) and the money will ALL be used for the costs of the ads first with the remainder used at your discretion.

Thanks for trusting me in advance.



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