single platoon football & the poor '63 ND 2nd halfs
by olson (2014-12-19 13:08:26)
Edited on 2014-12-19 13:11:41
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  In reply to: And that 1963 schedule was a monster  posted by ShermanOaksND

I posted some of this on Cartier Field (on a different topic)-so apologizes to anyone reading this twice(link to earlier post below which continues on the topic ND and single platoon football days)

I always wondered IF the poor 2nd half that ND seemed to have in most of the 1963 contests had to do with the way Devore substituted in those 'single platoon/limited substitution days'

Single Platoon rules were still around in 1963(eliminated the next season)
A player had to play both ways. If you left, you couldn't come back until the next quarter began.

Did Devore's squad simply wear out with players staying on the field too long? That may account for the second half collapses in so many contests


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