by SavageDragon (2014-01-28 21:32:48)
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  In reply to: How could Luatua be only 3* with the best cohort  posted by Panamirish

He starred early in his high school career. He had offers from every regional school after his sophomore year, and just about every top school in the country after his junior year. That explains his cohort.

He then had a dismal senior year, for a variety of reasons. His team didn't throw him the ball that much, this exposed blocking issues (which are often a problem with HS TEs, and not necessarily something to worry about at ND), and he had a leg injury for much of his season (and during the all star game week). So a weak season performance got "confirmed" by a poor performance at the overly-weighted allstar game, and voila, you get a 3* in the rankings.

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