We need to update BOT / BOF contact information
by Board Ops (2016-12-03 09:16:43)
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Ever since our effort in 2004, ND hasn't been as forthcoming about the updates to this list. So we're hoping we can crowdsource the effort.

We've repurposed the GameWatch board to collect any current information people can find out there. While emeritus trustees are useful, they can't vote, so current members are of higher value. We especially want the lay Fellows and the members on the Athletics committees. We also need as much contact info we can get, especially the businesses with which those trustees are affiliated.

Either post what info you can find on GameWatch or email it to us via the Contact Ops link if you don't want your contribution publicized.

P.S. If the leaders of the Leprechaun Legion are in the audience, please make yourself known via Contact Ops.


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