CvC -- let's see what we can do
by El Kabong (2012-07-15 23:45:08)
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The annual Coaches vs. Cancer events hosted by Mike & Tish Brey are coming up in a couple weeks. Those of you in the South Bend area should try to attend if you're able -- folks have reported a very good time in past years.

But I was hoping to take the fight to a wider audience this year. The Brey's have raised over $1.6 million for the American Cancer Society, and I'd like to see that number ratcheted up more than a couple notches.

In the blog article is a link to the donation site. If even a quarter of our readership -- a readership I know has been affected by cancer in a lot of ways -- donated $10, we could make a big difference in the donation totals. So if you can spare $10, it would be a great thing.


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