2% Milk
by sprack (2013-01-14 12:21:27)
Edited on 2013-01-14 12:25:57
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  In reply to: Choice of beverage when eating dinner at home?  posted by irisharab

My mom always served milk for dinner for good bones and teeth, and I have never wavered. It's ingrained. On hot summer nights she's serve iced tea, and I still have that choice as well. We were allowed soda pop only as a treat, only on weekends and never with meals except for pizza (everyone knows milk does not go with pizza). Happily, my mother-in-law was the exact same in my wife's family so that was easy.

In restaurants, iced tea at lunch, beer or wine or iced tea at dinner. I used to drink Coke, but it was ruining my teeth and my waistline. I'd rather have beer ruin my waistline.


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