Whispering & Folding Foolscap
by ndtnguy (2013-01-14 10:15:38)
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Here's one for the legal historians on the board.

How is the arrangement between Lord Grantham and Michael regarding operation of Downton Abbey going to be accomplished? (For anyone interested in legal history who doesn't watch the show Downton Abbey, the facts are that there is an entailed estate, Downton Abbey; the possessory tenant, Lord Grantham, is broke while the apparent heir, Michael, has just come into a large sum of money; the announced plan is for Michael to "invest in" and become "co-master" of the Abbey.)

The only way I can see this working is for them to make a common recovery to break the entail, and then deed the property either to a holding company owned by Grantham and Michael or to them both as tenants in common. Lord Grantham would then have to revise his will to leave his moiety to Michael. Is there a better way you could have done this in 1920s England?


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