[standing ovation]
by Elvis McCoy (2013-01-14 09:16:29)
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  In reply to: Hey Giggity.  posted by tnirishfan

The fecal vernacular upsets and confuses Mrs. McCoy as well. Our son recently headed for the the back of the house where his bathroom/shower is.

"Where are you going honey"?

"I've got to go bury Bin Laden at sea"

[she staers at me with that quizical look that reminds me of the dog staring into the Gramaphone hearing his master's voice for the 1st time]

[lightbulb goes on over Mrs. McCoy's head]

"You told him that didnt you? You are AWFUL"

She then walked away with a HARUMPF that would have done Mel Brooks proud.


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