Excel help needed - row grouping
by sleestakND (2013-01-14 09:10:21)
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I have a workbook with several tabs that contain similar sets of data. In all of the tabs but one, I am able to group rows. However, in the "problem child" tab, when I highlight the rows I want to group and select Data/Group (Excel 2010), nothing happens.

Any ideas, oh wise Backroom?

by Mike-ND  (2013-01-14 10:04:21)     cannot delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

I used Excel on a daily basis, but have never had to group rows, so I had to look up what you were talking about (and am I still not sure I understand its use).

Anyways- an easy solution (probably taking less time than trying to figure it out) may be to create a copy one of your good tabs (right click on the tab, and move and create a copy), and then paste data over from your bad tab.

Thanks - I figured it out
by SleestakND  (2013-01-14 22:55:53)     Delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

Unfortunately, I couldn't do what you suggested, as there were literally hundreds of cells references to this tab from the other tabs in the workbook.

The solution had to do with making the grouping symbols visible. Had to dig, but ultimately found it.

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