I got a Breville
by nd94e (2013-01-13 13:39:35)
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  In reply to: Coffee grinder recs?  posted by Fifthhorseman

It's pricey ($193 on Amazon), but it's going to be difficult to find a quality burr grinder for $60. The Breville is considered a medium range grinder, the higher end models are $400+. I'm not enough of a coffee/espresso expert to tell the difference between medium and high end grinds, but the difference between a blade and burr grind is noticeable. Look at it this way, it's going save you money in the long run if you're making daily visits to Starbucks/Peets/local barista for your java fix. You'd probably make your money back in a few months depending how severe your caffeine addiction might be. Good luck on the purchase!


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