He grew up a huge ND fan in a big ND fan family.
by irish2x (2013-01-09 10:33:24)
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His kid sister, my wife, was the only one who went to school there. But everyone seemed to love it until the Obama thing. Once that happened, he lashed out at me just incessantly (this coming after a few years of taking shots at me for being Southern). The worse it got was that he routinely would say my degree from there was worthless. Now, there haven't been a whole lot of people in my family who've had the opportunity to go to college, so I took offense to that. But I said nothing then.

Monday night, though, as he texted and posted how much a joke we were and how it was tough that we had to play real football for a change. I lost it. And usually when I lose it, I feel bad almost immediately afterward. But not this time.


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