Facebook really is the worst.
by LondonDomer (2013-01-09 10:20:49)
Edited on 2013-01-09 10:23:17
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I recently went through and did a complete purging of my facebook account - removing everyone except close friends and family. I was actually on the verge of just quitting altogether, but do use Facebook to keep in touch with people I'm close with, like my ND roommates and family in other states. So I culled my friend list from around 500 people to about 100. If I removed anyone here, do forgive me.

Last night I got an angry message from a girl I went to middle school/high school with. She had seen a post I had made because a mutual friend commented on it. She decided to say hello and - gasp! - I had defriended her. So she sent me a note (including the use of all caps "SERIOUSLY?"), miffed that I had defriended her. Good grief. We were decent friends in highschool (nearly 10 years ago), but I haven't seen or talked to her in at least 5 years. She is, however, a USC grad.

People are strange. Facebook is the worst.


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