Most of my relatives are Purdue grads
by gond79 (2013-01-09 09:37:20)
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  In reply to: I held my tongue for years.  posted by irish2x

A few years ago, when the son of my cousin (both rabid ND fans) was accepted to Purdue, I sent an email congratulating him but telling him to prepare himself for the annual loss to ND. The PU wing of the family jumped all over me. Interestingly, neither the kid or his father did. I apologized and since then there's good-natured ribbing when ND and Purdue play, smiles and congratulations at the other team's success and biting your tongue when the other team loses. Everybody follows these rules except one guy. His post yesterday pushed me over the limit and I posted some choice comments about Purdue. Now everybody is contacting my sister about what a terrible thing I did. In retrospect, telling him to "Enjoy mediocrity" might have been a bit strong.


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