I'm not exactly sure what you are describing.
by grnd (2013-01-08 21:13:54)
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  In reply to: Tangential electrical question  posted by HTownND

You can leave dead wires in the walls. And by dead I mean not connected to anything on either end. For instance, I upgraded our old two-wire service to the kitchen with modern three-wire cable. I just cut off the old two wire and left it in the walls -- but it wasn't connected to anything and could not be connected to anything.

Any connections with a wire must be made in a box and be accessible. In other words, you cannot drywall over a connection. To the extent you have made a potentially-live wire inaccessible in the ceiling somewhere, you shouldn't do that (I don't know what you mean when you say you "capped off and taped the wire in the ceiling").


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