Two options that I can think of ...
by subjkb (2013-01-08 19:43:58)
Edited on 2013-01-08 19:46:26
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  In reply to: maybe one of you creative types can help me  posted by jddomer

1. Have a copy of the final page reprinted, but with the correction, and you can, in a way, Chincole (sounds like Shinkolay), or otherwise adhere, the revised last page to the already bound page (just the inside edge would be noticeable, at least I think). A reputable print shop could do this quickly and for cheap -- also check with your College of Art and Design - the Printmaking professor or printmaking grad student would likely do this -- and the grad student would be happy with $20 and some beer.

2. A nice partial page sticker with the correction and related print overtop -- maybe incorporate a simple design to hide the pure corrective purpose. Not ideal, but would work inexpensively in a pinch.

Good luck. (edited for some clarity)


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