How is it bound?
by ndtnguy (2013-01-08 18:24:51)
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  In reply to: maybe one of you creative types can help me  posted by jddomer

Depending on the binding method, it might be possible to get the particular page reprinted, disassemble the binding, and put it back together by hand.

For instance, if it's perfect bound, you might be able to cut the page out and just glue a new page in. Maybe. If it's saddle stapled, something similar should be possible if you 1) can get a page printed on the right size paper and 2) can lay hands on a pair of needle nose pliers and big enough staples. If it's stitched, you're probably SOL on that angle.

Of course, there's always correction tape and a rubber stamp. Go to Office Depot and get an old-fashioned rubber stamp with moveable letters, white out his name, and then stamp the correct name in the same spot.


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