With all the HHS mandate stuff, a book for all to read
by Austin316 (2013-01-08 12:45:47)
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I originally posted this in the PBR but figured it's probably more appropriate for here.

It's called Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control by Dr. Allan Carlson. It traces the evolution of Protestant thinking about contraceptives.

If you're Catholic, it provides some historical context for what was the prevailing view of all Christians for 1900 years or so.

If you're Protestant, you get a good idea of how strident Protestant rejection of contraception was and why those objections were shelved, regardless of one's definition of Biblical.

If you're neither of those, it's still a remarkable sociological study on how deeply held core beliefs can radically change in a relatively short period of time.

Side note: Carlson is Lutheran so he's pretty insulated from claims of being a Catholic propagandist.

I don't know of any other work that tackles this issue, but I think it's a story worth being told given the recent political uproars.


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