Lots of beers age well
by charlottend (2013-01-07 13:57:15)
Edited on 2013-01-07 14:48:44
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  In reply to: Surly  posted by VisitsToBedlam

Generally it's those with higher alcohol contents. I doubt anyone would want to drink a Bud Light from 2007 ;)The only one's I've aged usually have a 5 year window. I just saw someone recently mention they were doing a tasting of 20 straight years of someone's seasonal, would have made for a fun night.

By BA ratings those are all really good beers. I've only had the Zombie Dust personally.

Btw, the Zombie Dust is the #12 beer in the world according to BA - link may require a free account.

I'd do the trade personally since he's offering a variety of good beer and you said you didn't particularly like them in the first place. Plus you'll still have 2 left.


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