by VisitsToBedlam (2013-01-07 13:47:04)
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  In reply to: I need some advice from the beer and Scotch guys  posted by Dutch

I am generally a big fan of Surly. Furious is its flagship IPA. It is pretty hoppy. Abrasive is a smaller batch offering at twice the price; Abrasive seems to attempt to set a record for hoppiest beer.

If I recall correctly, Odell Mercenary is in the same vein as Abrasive.

I like IPA alot, and like hoppiness. But for me, Furious, Mercenary and Abrasive exceed my personal happy hoppy meter. I'll pay less and prefer Odell St. Lupulin or its regular IPA. (I'm a really big fan of Surly Bender and Cynic-Ale - but those aren't IPAs).

But if it's a trade for something you don't like - then I'd say go for it. Odell and Surly are very high quality.

Question, is it really good to keep 2007 beer? I didn't think beer aged well.


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