I forgot about that......!
by so-it-goes (2013-01-04 10:33:38)
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  In reply to: Yep. Referred to it below. A guy hijacked a bus in Chicago  posted by mkovac

By the way did you know Phil Kukielski from our class? He was my freshman year roommate......now retired from the newspaper world ...just recently.

I received a couple of very nostalgic presents from my son, ndslc.....several old Schloastics..( for you youngsters out there it was our weekly campus magazine...excellent read) from our four years.....After I get through them I hope I can find some items to scan and then share here. I am not exactly sure of the details but he somehow learned of a sale of old issues. May have been when he was out there earlier this year r a mini- exec course.

More to follow soon!


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