Remember "THE" storm of semester break Jan '67!!!????
by so-it-goes (2013-01-03 21:19:16)
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  In reply to: Was on campus yesterday  posted by tenordrum75

Yikes.....Freshman roomate, future next three year roomate, couple of theres and I had planned a "big time" trip to Chicago. We had met some young ladies (those of the "busloads of HS seniors, and/or Chicago Catholic college ladies - on some weekends)earlier after Christmas break at a "mixer" in the Huddles' lower level (dancing to jukebox tunes) and arranged to visit them. We had reservations in a Chicago hotel, bus ride from SB to Chicago....ready to roll after semester exams (late January in those days folks) ...woke up in our cozy room in Stanford (a freshman only dorm then) the morning after exams - and heard the radio weather had only been snowing for a few hours and I seem to remember we had a foot already. Well we manged to get a cab to the bus station....then the 90 mile ride took close to 10 hours if I remember. Downtown Chicago was snowed in.....we still had our room....settled in since we had "dates' the next day....I forget where the girls lived but we had to hoof it from the city to the "burbs' to see them.....what a day...what a weekend.
I seem to remember that during that first year we had our first snow around Halloween...and last snow on my birthday, April 28th!

many more snow / frozen pathways related stories to tell...not tonight....


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