ND in winter - that's when you really have to want to be at
by mkovac (2013-01-03 21:17:53)
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When a football recruit or a student with excellent grades is waffling about whether he or she wants to attend ND and I hear them say, "I don't know which school has more to offer me, ND or Stanford or SC," I say to myself, "When football season is over and it's January, February and March and you haven't see the sun for two weeks, you'd better have wanted to attend ND with the fire of a thousand suns or you won't hack it."

ND is not for everyone. It doesn't have the short skirts of the SEC, the sun and surf of SC, or the celebs of Westwood and Beverly Hills, but it has a depth and a sense of place that is unique and worth toughing out the crappy weather and the lack of other "amenities".


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