Here is some Key West stuff:
by EricCartman (2013-01-03 10:37:21)
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From an email that I sent to a friend of mine:

Cuban food:


Ask around for other spots. I don't really eat anywhere fancy when I am down there.

Places to go:

(1) dry tortugas - this is a cool fort, with lots of great snorkeling around it.

(2) hit the back country - take a boat tour, or a snorkeling tour out here. Allegedly, it is the best place to go on the water

(3) you can swim with dolphins on one of the trips


(1) Irish Kevin's on Duval is my favorite place. There is always a guy playing an acoustic guitar there. It is normally a really fun time.

(2) Fat Tuesday's - maybe a block away from Irish Kevin's. Lots of frozen drinks. It's a cool place to hang when the weather is nice (it's always nice).

(3) Rick's - a dance club. Shake your moneymaker.

(4) Bull and Whistle bar - head upstairs to the Whistle Bar. It is a rite of passage for everyone that goes to Key West.

(5) Sloppy Joe's - I'm not a fan of Sloppy's, but you should check it out anyway.


(1) Dante's - if you want to hang by a pool, this is the place:

Other stuff:

(1) Hemingway House - the place is huge. It is cheap to get into, and it is a nice way to kill a bit of time.

(2) Southern Most Point - a photo at the SMP is a must

(3) Lighthouse -

(4) Taylor state park - check out the fort and the beach.

(5) Rent scooters and drive around.

(6) Mallory Square - the freaks come out at night. it is kind of like Times Square here in NYC...just smaller.


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