Better watch out for ACross below
by DakotaDomer (2013-01-02 19:24:20)
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  In reply to: The Hobbit (spoilers)  posted by HTownND

Good synopsis, I think we've pointed to all of these examples in past posts but its been spread out the past few weeks.

Did you see Anakin Skywalker's Rhadagast bunny podracer? Because it was a podracer

Azog will definitely be around for 5 armies and will likely mortally wound Thorin though Thorin will get him first although originally I believe its supposed to be a descendent of the original goblin king that leads in that battle.

Agree on 2, 4, 5, 6

On #3 this has been rehashed a few times. As it pertains to Saruman he is supposed to be in delay mode during this part of his timeline. He's already searching where Isildur died for the ring. He's only roused to action when he finds out the enemy is searching there too. He delayed Gandalf so long as he could search in peace and then used him to help drive the necromancer away. So it makes sense that he take the tact of a Doubting Thomas in this portion although he should be more stern with Gandalf. As for their discussions with Elrond and Galadriel....again I must insist that this is because the Wizard's need the elves more than the elves need them. The wizards require the elves to continue to give a shit about Middle Earth if they are to fulfill their charges of protecting that realm. If the elves decide this headache is too great and leave for the west then the wizard's will fail. If the wizard's decide the elves are too uppity to work with, the wizard's will fail. Gandalf is just using diplomacy and Saruman likely wants to keep them around as potential jailers for Sauron, he also likely wants them to give him a pretty ring one day too.


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