Comcast Chicago HD organization is a cluster
by JPH (2013-01-02 13:01:03)
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  In reply to: That's a local issue  posted by Domer84

I've been a Comcast customer in Philly, Boston, and Chicago. Philly -- take your normal channel, add 800 to it, and it mostly kinda works. All sports channels are clumped in a tight bunch, which is a huge help. Boston, add 700 and it kinda works, too, though the sports channels could be tightened up.

Chicago, good luck! No rationale or forethought, utter randomness. I got so frustrated that my folks were still watching in SD on their new HD TV that I made an HD "conversion chart." Laminated that jammy, too!

How could there not be a more consistent best-practice sharing across markets?


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